I swear on Emma Swan..

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Anónimo asked:
"How do you pronounce 'Nacho'?"

omg, someone help me.
I don’t know, maybe like Nah-choh? It’s quite simple actually, if you know spanish phonetics.

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He said that villains don’t get happy endings. Do you believe that? I hope not…or we’ve wasted our lives. 

You’ve become quite fond of the boy, haven’t you?

Killian Jones/Captain Hook -> Outfits

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Actual 5 year olds: Killian Jones and Emma Swan (pssst…totally meant to be ;))

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OQ curse au

Regina’s first curse bring to Storybrooke Robin Hood. And yet Regina is quite appreciate thief, but she don’t know who he really is


I stare at this moment of the kiss scene for an extremely long time, for multiple reasons.

1. Emma is holding on to his collar so hard, and she follows his face with hers for a while before she says it’s a “Once time thing”.  Her body want’s to keep going, but her mind is like “back away girl, not now”

2. Killian is so not done.  Look at him. Totally captivated by her.  He even opens his mouth back up and moves in for more kisses, he wants to keep going so bad, he’s just staring at her lips.  Intense staring. Then he closes his eyes again just hoping her lips will come to his again.  He doesn’t want this moment to ever end, it was just all too amazing.  She’s too amazing.

My. God.


ouat!verse + confirmed true love couples (aka true love’s kiss worked on them)

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Killian + tongue porn in “The Jolly Roger”

for hookier + kite-dreams



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And how are you going to prove that?